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Testament of Youth Essay

An analysis of “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain about the state essay writing jawaharlal nehru of English youth after World War One.

This paper introduces and discusses the meaning of Vera Brittain’s “Testament of Youth.” The paper questions what this book revealed about English society, middle class values, feminism and the impact of the First World War. It draws on her experiences as a nurse in the war, and her brother’s as a soldier.

Vera Brittain wrote Testament of Youth” about her experiences in the First World War. She served as a nurse in Europe during the war, and saw the horrors of war first hand. Her brother, fiance, and many friends were all killed during the war. “Brittain was born in England in 1893 and she had to struggle against Victorianism to achieve her goal of an education. She eventually went on to attend Somerville College in Oxford and pursued a career as a writer and poet” (Caviness).”


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